Testing The MRJ's Cargo Smoke Containment Capability

Posted by Javier Aguado, MFC Engineering AMS Lead on Aug 10, 2017 9:40:58 AM

At the Moses Lake Flight Test Center in Washington, FTA-4 underwent cargo smoke testing between April 7 and April 22, 2017. To set up the test, engineers at Moses Lake installed a smoke machine and flexible hoses inside the cabin, along with lights, smoke detectors, and cameras to monitor real-time smoke generation. During the test, the hoses that were routed under the floor of the aircraft pushed smoke towards the test areas in the cargo compartment and the amount of smoke was controlled using the video cameras.

The test successfully met the cargo door’s leakage design limit. And the cargo smoke penetration test was also successful since smoke did not exit the cargo compartment. Following these results, the team is analyzing the test data and making further improvements in the lavatory and under floor smoke areas ahead of the type certification test.

Tags: Testing, Engineering, Craftsmanship, FTA-4, Moses Lake Flight Test Center, Program Developments