MRJ Completes Flight Demonstration After Repair

Posted by The MRJ Team on Jul 18, 2018 6:05:00 PM

On Monday afternoon at the Farnborough International Airshow, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet made its first successful flight demonstration. In front of aviation industry insiders, media and other show attendees, the MRJ performed a short, steep take-off, a stall approach and a series of banks and turns that culminated in a low-speed pass before its final, smooth landing. 

But amid a successful Farnborough for the MRJ program, the team also overcame adversity.

While the MRJ was being pushed back to the static park and repositioned after landing Monday, a tow vehicle operated by a local ground-handling company struck the radome of the MRJ. The subsequent damaged caused the aircraft to sit out Tuesday's flight demonstration program for precautionary reasons.

The global MRJ team quickly sprang to action, showing great resilience in the face of unexpected adversity. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the team, the issue was resolved in under 36 hours and enabled Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation to mount another successful flight display on Wednesday afternoon.

The MRJ's comeback at Farnborough began immediately following the accident as team members worked to evaluate a solution. The main issue was deciding whether the damage could be fixed or if a replacement radome for FTA-3 would need to be shipped from a test aircraft based in Japan or the U.S.

Throughout Tuesday, as a precautionary measure, the MRJ remained on static displayCoordinating with the Mitsubishi teams at Moses Lake Flight Test Center in Washington and Nagoya headquarters in Japan, the on-site crew found a way to repair the damage overnight. In case a replacement is needed, the team also shipped a new radome overnight from MRJ FTA-2 to Farnborough.

On Wednesday afternoon, the MRJ triumphantly returned to the Farnborough flight demonstration schedule. As the aircraft soared over the airfield, a palpable sense of pride and excitement was felt by the entire MRJ team. 

The quick and effective response is a bold reflection of the progress, commitment and maturity of the MRJ organization that partners and customers can count on as the industry's only clean-sheet regional aircraft prepares to enter commercial service in 2020. The countdown to discovering a new choice in regional aviation continues. 

MRJ Chief Development Officer Alexander Bellamy called the demonstration “the turning point” for the program, telling Reuters, As we see consolidation in general in the marketplace, we bring much needed choice.

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