FlightGlobal: MRJ70 a Key Entrant in Regional Aircraft Market

Posted by The MRJ Team on Jun 4, 2018 6:20:00 PM

The regional jet market appears poised for consolidation with leading players Embraer and Bombardier on the verge of being absorbed by giants Boeing and Airbus. But in a recent editorial, FlightGlobal writes that the Mitsubishi Regional Jet would benefit the entire industry by providing a fresh new choice in the marketplace.

In the opinion piece, Can MRJ70 Win Regional Battle?,” FlightGlobal notes that the MRJ70 could provide important scope clause relief in the United States as it sits below the weight threshold for the regulation. The newer engines, advanced aerodynamics and technology of the MRJ70, which just received production approval from Mitsubishi Aircraft, should make the aircraft more fuel efficient and quieter than regional competitors.

 “The entire industry benefits if a viable new competitor can survive,” writes FlightGlobal.

 MRJ Program Director Alex Bellamy echoed these thoughts in a recent interview.


You can read the full story at FlightGlobal.

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