The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is Answering the Call for Choice

Posted by The MRJ Team on Jul 15, 2018 8:27:11 AM


The regional aviation market is in the midst of a substantial shift. With increased demand for point-to-point routes and rapid economic development in global markets, the industry is poised for enormous growth in the coming years.

These changes call for improved aircraft efficiency to satisfy environmental regulations and a cabin experience that matches rising passenger expectations for comfort that today’s regional fleet cannot meet.

However, a decades-long duopoly has left airlines with little choice in regional aircraft as they look to upgrade their aging fleets and compete for passengers. This shifting landscape has created an opening for a new class of aircraft that is purpose built for the future regional market—and The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is answering this call for choice.

The only clean-sheet regional aircraft family, the MRJ features the latest technologies, from avionics to engines to aerodynamics. For operators who service a growing regional category, the result is a better bottom line thanks to the MRJ’s best-in-class economics, proven Japanese reliability and the most comfortable cabin in regional travel.

When operators choose the MRJ, they fly quieter, more efficiently and elevate value year-over-year—backed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ superior production and customer support.

In a market suffering from too few options, the case for the MRJ has become increasingly clear.

Discover how choice transforms your business and learn more about the shifting regional aviation landscape.

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