Chief Development Officer Alex Bellamy Talks MRJ Family

Posted by The MRJ Team on Jul 31, 2018 12:00:00 PM


Following the MRJ's flight display debut at Farnborough International Airshow, Chief Development Officer Alex Bellamy spoke with Farnborough International News Network about the benefits that the MRJ offers operators and the need for choice in regional aviation

In the interview, Bellamy highlights the MRJ's clean-sheet design, advanced aerodynamics and spacious cabin that offers a more comfortable flight experience than other regional jets. He also mentions how the MRJ presents unique opportunities in Europe, where lower emissions and quieter noise profiles have become an important topic, and touches on the future of the MRJ70 in the United States, where it will be the only clean-sheet aircraft compliant with current scope clause restrictions.

As the MRJ looks toward mid-2020 first delivery, Bellamy told FINN: "We’re on schedule for our mid-2020 delivery. There have been challenges in the past  we're over those now, we're very much focused on that delivery."

To see the full interview, watch the video above. 

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